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Kilkee Water Safety Week 2023

The Seal & Marlin certification has been changed by Water Safety Ireland. What was 15 certs (Seal 1-5, Marlin 6-10 and Orca 11-15) is now condensed to 10 certs.

You must use the grid and information link below to select the correct class for your child.

If, for example, your child completed Marlin 8 in 2022 the equivalent of that in the new certification is Marlin 6. Therefore you should register the child for Marlin 7 for this year. 




Click here to choose the correct class.


•  Wetsuits, swim hats, googles are strongly recommended but not required

• Class times may change during the week due to tides / weather - please check ClubZap and facebook for changing times

• Instructors will award the appropriate cert dependent on performance at assessment

• Full attendance is required plus completion of assessment in order to receive certification


Please retain receipt and take note of the class you registered your child for.  This will ensure a smooth start to the first day.

Useful Links:


Please be on time for class. Survival exams will be on Thursday, other exams on Friday.


Candidates must attend all 5 days

Youngest candidates should be 7yrs and capable of swimming 5 to 8m.

Booking 2023 Kilkee - Dates: 7th to 11th August
Booking will close on Friday 4th Aug at 8pm. The TIMETABLE will be posted HERE Saturday morning. It is produced depending on numbers in classes. 

Most likely seal 5 and Marlin 6 at 9.30, followed every 40 mins by another class. 

Safety 1 & 2 will also be at 9.30 with Safety 3,  4 and Rescue classes after that.


NO Seal 1, 2 or 3 classes

Seal 5 click   (€25)

Marlin 6 click  (€25)

Marlin 7 click (€25)

Marlin 8 click (€25)

Safety 1 click  (€25)

Safety 2 click  (€40)

Safety 3 click  (€40)

Safety 4 click (€40)

- 1hr water work & 1 hr BLS

Rescue 1 click (€45)

- 1 hr water work, 1 hr BLS, 45mins Survival 1

Rescue 2 click (€45)

- 1 hr water work, 1hr BLS, 45mins Survival 2

Rescue 3 click   (€45)

- 1 hr water work, 1 hr BLS


Please see for other locations.

If you have any difficulty registering please email with KILKEE WS in the subject line.